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Fulfillment Center

At Fargo, we're committed to providing seamless, efficient, and reliable logistics solutions. Our Fulfillment Center, located at the heart of Tashkent, is a testament to this commitment, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your unique business needs. 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our 2500 m² Fulfillment Center is equipped to manage up to 10,000 orders per day, providing you with 24/7 responsible storage and video surveillance for your peace of mind. With a processing time of up to 30 minutes for orders and an equal time for receiving stock in the warehouse, we ensure quick turnaround times for your business. Our facility is also equipped with one of the industry’s most advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). 

Customs-Cleared Storage

Crossing borders shouldn't be a barrier to your business. Our Fulfillment Center handles all customs clearance activities for your goods and vehicles, ensuring safety, compliance, and swift border transition. 


Efficient Cargo Consolidation

At Fargo, we understand that speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness are paramount to your business. Our skilled team expertly consolidates your cargo for dispatch, resulting in faster sending times, increased safety, and cost savings. 


Content Factory Services

Every SKU we store in our warehouse is an opportunity for your business to shine. Our Content Factory Services include professional photography and compelling product descriptions, ideal for showcasing your products on e-commerce platforms.

Marketplace Integration

Fargo offers direct integration with the most popular marketplaces. We automatically publish your products on various local marketplaces, increasing visibility and making order management across different platforms a breeze.


End-to-End Fulfillment Services

From pick-up to delivery, we've got you covered. Our professionals handle every stage of the process: collecting goods from your supplier, labeling, packaging, assembling deliveries, and shipping to the marketplace warehouse or the final recipient.

Comprehensive Returns Management

We make managing returns easy. Our team works with buyers under a previously concluded supply agreement, ensuring all actions are regulated and handled efficiently.


Your Business, Our Priority

At the Fargo Fulfillment Center, we're not just delivering packages; we're delivering promises. Explore our services today and discover how Fargo can propel your business forward. 

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