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About Fargo

Fargo offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of both merchants and customers in Uzbekistan. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges businesses and individuals face, Fargo has developed specialized solutions to simplify logistics and enhance the overall delivery experience.


For Merchants

Delivery Options: Fargo provides merchants with various delivery options to cater to their specific requirements, including same-day delivery in Tashkent and next-day delivery in other regions.


Fulfillment Services: Fargo offers comprehensive fulfillment services to streamline the merchant’s order processing and fulfillment cycle. From inventory management to order picking, packing, shipping, and content creation, Fargo handles the entire logistics process, allowing businesses to focus on core operations and scale them efficiently.


Overseas Warehousing: For merchants engaged in cross-border e-commerce, Fargo provides overseas warehousing solutions, accessing the online sales channel. By strategically locating warehouses in Uzbekistan, Fargo enables merchants to store their inventory closer to their target customers, reducing shipping costs, minimizing transit times, and enhancing the overall efficiency of cross-border logistics.


For Customers

Delivery Options: Fargo offers a range of delivery options to cater to the preferences and needs of customers, including less than 4 hours delivery, a wide network of pickup points, delivery confirmation service, and order tracking. Customers have the flexibility to choose the most convenient delivery option based on their schedules and preferences.


Payment Facility: Fargo understands the importance of convenient and secure customer payment options. To enhance the overall customer experience, Fargo provides payment facilities like Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services, even enabling customers to pay the shipping fee by installment.


Coverage: Fargo has strategically established a robust network of distribution hubs and sorting centers to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout Uzbekistan. With a focus on efficiency and timely deliveries, these hubs and sorting centers play a vital role in optimizing the company’s logistics operations.


Distribution Hubs: Fargo operates four strategically located distribution hubs within the country. These hubs serve as central points for receiving, sorting, and dispatching packages. With their strategic locations, the hubs enable Fargo to efficiently manage the flow of packages and ensure faster transit times to various destinations across Uzbekistan.


Sorting Centers: In addition to the distribution hubs, Fargo operates 15 small sorting centers across Uzbekistan. These sorting centers are strategically positioned in key locations to enhance the speed and accuracy of package sorting. The centers utilize advanced technology and processes to efficiently categorize and organize packages based on their destinations, ensuring swift and reliable deliveries.

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