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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is my parcel?

The placed order can be checked by the order ID number or by the phone number of the recipient/sender specified when placing the order. How to do this?

1. Check it yourself using the telegram bot, you must enter the order ID number
2. When registering on the website through your personal account or through the link indicating the order ID number 
3. You can also clarify by calling FARGO customer support at +998-71-200-00-37 


2. Delivery time in Uzbekistan

In accordance with the route, as well as based on the type of delivery (“to the point” or “to the door”) on the basis of the Agreement (General conditions), the guaranteed maximum delivery time in the Republic of Uzbekistan is up to 7 working days (5 days to distant regions and +2 days when transiting through Tashkent). The delivery time is calculated from the next working day after the collection of the shipment. 


Note (clarification)

Average in normal mode:
Delivery across Tashkent city - 1 business day 
From Tashkent to the Central regions and back (for example, to Bukhara, to Andijan) "to the point" - 1 working day, "to the door" - 3 working days.
To the distant regions of Khorezm, Karakalpakstan, Karshi, Termez - "to the point" - 2-3 working days, "to the door" - 5 working days.
Express delivery (so far only within the city of Tashkent) - delivery on the same day within 3-5 hours. 


3. Branches address 

Currently, FARGO pick-up points are available in all regions of Uzbekistan, and in some regions there are more than 2 pick-up points.
There are 5 distribution points in Tashkent city.
To find out the addresses of our distribution points, you can use @fargopochta_bot on Telegram or call +998-71-200-00-37.

4. How much do your services cost? What are your rates? 

You can find out more about tariffs here:


5. Can I pay for delivery after receiving my parcel?

Yes, you can! This function is called "payment on the spot". Thus, for the delivery of the parcel, payment will be charged to the recipient of this parcel. This function is valid only for individuals and only for the tariff "from point to point" and "from door to point"


6. My mail is corrupted, what should I do?

In this situation, please immediately contact customer support at +998-71-200-00-37. Also, you can describe your complaint in the "leave feedback" section, which is inside @fargopochta_bot. This situation will be immediately checked and considered as soon as possible. 


7. Is it possible to send international parcels through you?

At the moment, FARGO specializes in the collection and delivery of parcels within the Republic of Uzbekistan.
But we also accept applications for sending international parcels. Sending such orders is carried out through international partners of FARGO - CDEK, PONY EXPRESS, ARAMEX, etc.
In the same way, international parcels delivered to Tashkent can also be transferred to FARGO for delivery to addresses in all regions and districts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

8. My package has been delivered to the Pickup Point (PuP), can I arrange door-to-door delivery?

Yes, it is possible.
Regardless of whether you are an individual or a legal entity, you can contact us at +998-71-200-00-37 and change the type of delivery. When rescheduling the type of delivery, the recipient will be charged an additional fee.


9. My package has been delivered to ....... branch, I don’t have time to pick it up, can I send another person instead of myself to pick up my mail?

Yes, you can!
To do this, this person will need to provide an identification number corresponding to your mail, which is displayed in the Fargo SMS notification you receive, and an identity document.


10. What is a Locker?

The Parcel Locker is an automatic terminal (iron cabinet) with many cells into which the courier delivers the parcel, and the recipient can then pick it up at any time convenient for him (day or night). The main idea and value of the parcel locker service is a convenience for the client, that is, a simple receipt of an order at any time.


11. What is the capacity of the Locker?

Our Parcel Lockers can accommodate 20 boxes of different sizes (S, M, L). For more information on the dimensions of the cells, you can contact the parcel lockers (post boxes) support service at +998-71-208-00-86.


12. How can I find out that my parcel has already been delivered to the Locker?

As soon as your parcel is placed in the Locker (in one of the storage boxes), you will receive an SMS and an email confirming that the parcel has been delivered and can be accessed using a password that will be sent to you by SMS/email.


13. What is the storage period of a parcel in a Locker?

The storage period of your parcel in the Locker is 3 days. Please note that the day when the parcel was placed in the Locker is not taken into account.
Example: the date of receipt of the parcel in the Locker is 10.07.2023 at 10.00 am. The countdown of - 3 days starts from the next day. Thus, you can pick up your parcel until 13.07.2023 12.00 p.m.
IMPORTANT! If you do not have time to pick up the parcel within the required period, please contact the locker support service at +998-71-208-00-86 and extend the period.

14. I did not receive an SMS with a pin code to open a cell, what should I do?

In this case, you will need to contact the support service at +998-71-208-00-86.


15. What is the maximum storage period for my mail at the Pickup Point?

Dear customer, the maximum storage period in the Pickup Point is 5 days. After 5 days, the office staff will send it back to the sender.


16. How delivery works throughout Uzbekistan 

Delivery types:
- from Fargo point / to Fargo point;
- from the door / to the Fargo point; 
- From Fargo point/to the door;
-across the city;
-from door to door;
-"Express" delivery (only in Tashkent);
The price will depend on the chosen tariff. (More details about the tariffs here:
For example, if you choose the tariff “from FARGO point to FARGO point”, the delivery of parcel weighing no more than 1 kg will cost 20,000 soums, regardless of the location of the point. Suppose that you are sending products from a point located in Tashkent city to a point in the Tashkent region (100 km), or to a point in Samarkand (350 km), or to a point in Karakalpakstan (over 1100 km), to any of the points Fargo, delivery of your parcel will cost the same 20,000 UZS per 1 kg.

Note (clarification)

1. You can also use our telegram bot 
2. You can call FARGO Сustomer support at +998-71-200-00-37


17. How to place an order for delivery?

There are several ways to order delivery/collection of a parcel:
1. By calling the FARGO call center at +998-71-200-00-37
2. Personally by registering on the website via the personal account
3. Directly visiting one of the FARGO points in the field, you can place an order and leave the parcel.

Note (clarification)

Legal entities with whom the Agreement is signed, create orders through a personal account, it is also possible to perform bulk loading of orders using an Excel file template. 
Orders are accepted from Monday to Friday until 15:00, on Saturday until 13:00.
Applications for "express" are accepted from Monday to Friday until 14:00, on Saturday until 12:00. 
Orders accepted within the established time limits are collected on the same day (during the day, "express" orders within 1 hour from the date of application). Orders received after the set time will be collected the next business day.


18. Who pays for delivery services - the sender or the recipient?

As a rule, the sender (seller) pays for the collection/delivery of mail

Note (clarification)

1. Individuals pay during the order process in the form of advance payment (cash, by card-only via terminal )
2. Legal entities on the basis of an agreement pay by transfer upon delivery, and on the basis of an invoice and order details at the end of the month

19. How can I pay for FARGO delivery services?

At the moment, mail/parcel delivery services can be paid in two options:
1. cash;
2. by card.
IMPORTANT! If you want to pay by card, then payment is possible only via the payment terminal at the place, other payment methods by card (Click, Payme) are temporarily disabled.

20. Cooperation with FARGO? Opening FARGO offices?

The company FARGO is open to cooperation in the following areas:
1. You are a seller, store owner (offline, online, marketplace), or manufacturer and you have products that need to be delivered to customers throughout Uzbekistan? FARGO can help you solve this problem easily and efficiently.
We will provide:
- Professional and efficient service
- A comprehensive solution for controlling the entire process through a single platform
- Fast API integration to save your time and reduce administrative costs
- Flexible pricing system
- Reliability and security of delivery.
2. You are interested in organizing a postal-courier service in your region and have a ready facility and material-technical resources? You can become a partner of FARGO by opening a branch as an agent. FARGO will provide you with a ready-made solution: a customer base, a business strategy, efficient software and integration, a well-established transit process, etc.
3. You are the owner of a transport and logistics company and need additional cargo volumes? Then FARGO can offer you the volume of transit cargo delivery.

Note (Explanation):

Cooperation with FARGO is carried out on a contractual basis and entails certain obligations and responsibilities.
1. To deliver goods through FARGO and perform remittances, it is necessary to sign a Contract for Postal and Courier Services. You must be a registered legal entity. To start working, a prepayment of 500,000 UZS is required, which will be deducted from future orders. Subsequently, invoices will be issued based on the actual delivery at the end of the month.
2. To collaborate with FARGO as an agent, it will be necessary to sign an exclusive Agent Agreement for Postal and Courier Services. Mutual settlements will be carried out based on the volume and number of completed orders.
For all the aforementioned questions, you can contact FARGO's sales department at the following numbers:
3. To obtain volumes for load transportation, it will be necessary to sign a Contract for Transport and Logistics Services, which will specify strict deadlines and transportation routes.
For cooperation in cargo delivery, you can contact the logistics department at the following numbers:
Or call Customer support +998-71-200-00-37.

21. What kind of products, or items cannot be sent via FARGO (forbidden items)?!

In accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and in accordance with the General Conditions of FE LLC "FARGO PARCEL SERVICE" there is a List of items and substances prohibited and restricted for shipment. Below are paragraphs 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 of the General Conditions:

3.5.1. Within the framework of these General Conditions, it is prohibited to send items containing unacceptable attachments in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which are the following items and substances:

• firearms, signal, pneumatic, gas weapons, ammunition, edged weapons (including throwing), electroshock devices and spark gaps, as well as parts of firearms, unloaded explosive devices, and ammunition, including unloaded grenades, shells, and other similar items, and also dummies of such devices and objects;

• narcotic drugs, psychotropic, potent, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, caustic, flammable, and other dangerous substances;

• banknotes of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign currency, securities;

• items and materials of an obscene or immoral nature;

• counterfeit and pirated items; 

• items that are prohibited for import or turnover in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

• items which, by their nature or packaging, may pose a risk to postal workers or the general public, stain or spoil other shipments and postal equipment;

• live animals.

• perishable food products;

• food products that are not perishable, but require compliance with certain sanitary rules;

• alcohol and tobacco products;

3.5.2. If it is established that the Shipment, which was accepted by the Contractor, contains an unacceptable attachment, the Customer, at the first request of the Contractor, pays him a fine in the amount of 5 Base Calculation Value on the day of payment. If the Contractor, by forwarding the shipment containing an unacceptable attachment, incurred additional costs or losses, including the amount of any liability that was applied to the Contractor by decision of the State Body, the Customer must reimburse them in full at the first request of the Contractor. If there is data confirming that the attachment has signs of an unacceptable attachment, the Contractor draws up an appropriate act, which is the basis for applying to the Customer the appropriate liability established by these General Conditions and other regulatory legal acts (hereinafter - Regulation) of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Contractor does not bear any responsibility for the loss (shortage) or damage (spoilage) of an unacceptable investment.

22. Do you have shipping insurance? Is it necessary to insure shipments?

In accordance with the general conditions of FE LLC "Fargo Parcel Service", cargo insurance is not provided.

23. What is a “value surcharge”?

surcharge for value - an additional fee paid by the Customer to the Contractor when declaring the value of the postal item. The calculation of the amount of additional payment is made according to the formula - additional payment for value (sum) = 1% x declared value (sum) excluding VAT.

24. What is the “declared value” of a shipment and why is it needed?

The declared value of the shipment is the documented value of the shipment, voluntarily declared by the Customer. It is necessary for partial or full reimbursement by the Contractor of the cost amount of the shipment to the Customer, in case of damage or loss of the shipment by the Contractor.

25. Is FARGO liable in case of damage or loss of mail, what is the amount and procedure for compensation?

FARGO's liability period for forwarded items begins from the moment they are received and ends from the moment they are delivered or returned, respectively.

Note (clarification)

FARGO is liable to the customer for the loss (shortage) or damage (spoilage) of the attachments of the shipment in the following cases and amounts:
1. If the attachment of a shipment transferred without a declared value is lost or damaged (spoiled) in whole or in part - in the amount of the tariff for its forwarding, provided for by the corresponding tariff plan;
2. If the attachment of a shipment transferred with declared value is lost or damaged (spoiled) in full - in the amount of the declared value, and if partially - in the amount of the part of the declared value, determined in proportion to the ratio of the mass of the lost or damaged (spoiled) part of the item to the total mass of the item minus the weight of the transport packaging.
FARGO is released from liability for damage (damage) to the attachment due to the following circumstances:
- violation of the special conditions of transportation and storage of the shipment, not agreed upon by the parties separately;
- the attachment has any unspecified (unwarned) specific biological, chemical, or physical properties;
- Expiry date of attachment;
- improper transport packaging of the shipment;
If the shipment that was delivered or returned contains a damaged (spoiled) attachment, the Customer, submitting a corresponding claim to the Contractor, must ensure that it is inspected and evaluated by FARGO representatives within the next ten working days. FARGO considers justified claims (if necessary, supported by photo and video materials) submitted by the Customer in writing within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of delivery or return of the shipment (and in cases requiring additional study, verification of information, video and photo materials and etc. up to one month).

26. Does FARGO request SMS codes from recipient/sender bank cards when providing services? Money transfers, fraud, FARGO?

Due to the increasing cases of internet fraud (fishing), we clarify:

Note (Explanation)

1. SMS codes from bank cards are not required to use the services of the courier service Fargo Parcel Service LLC.
2. FARGO does not engage in money transfers to individual accounts.
3. The authentic FARGO website looks like this:
Please do not trust various unknown links received in messengers, and especially avoid opening them, avoid entering your bank card details there. Find out from the company (online store) whether such a representative works for them, whether it is really possible to make a payment on this site, and other questions. Please, be careful and do not disclose full details about the bank card to anyone. Remember, to transfer money, only the card number or phone number is required.
In such cases, we recommend contacting our official call center on the number +998-71-200-00-37 to ensure that it is the original (real) delivery service, or you can use our company's official Telegram bot at
The management of Fargo Parcel Service LLC urges everyone to remain vigilant and expresses readiness to assist each user in ensuring the security of their shipments.

27. I want to work as a courier

FARGO is expanding its geography and is looking for experienced, responsible, and conscientious couriers with personal cars. For more information, you can contact the support service at +998-71-200-00-37.

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